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2020 - What a year!

This time last year we had no idea that life a we knew it would be shaken to its core and changed so dramatically. Our charity shop that has opened its doors and welcomed in the community and donations for over ten years is now in its third period of closure due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Each time when we have re-opened, our loyal customers have said how much they missed us being open and how they realise how much they appreciate the shop, not just as a place of retail but as a community hub where they can have a friendly chat too.

Lockdowns in the UK have urged many to re-evaluate their lives and given people the time to de-clutter their homes, and so, when we have been able to open, we have been fortunate in these uncertain times, to have an abundance of new stock to sell, albeit with new systems in place of quarantining donations etc!

We hope, that as the year draws to a close, all our lovely customers and friends stay safe and well! Let's all wish for a better year ahead!


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