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Lama's Pyjamas Gets a NEW LOOK!

Lamas Pyjamas Was founded over 7 and half years ago. As a new start up, the main focus was to get up and running and turning a profit so we could start supporting the London Buddhist Centre, the charity that receives all of our takings. Our Founder Abhayanandi and her partner, Ratnaprabha, came up with our quirky name. Padmalila, our co-founder and the Buddhist community that she lives in got creative and designed, and handmade the original shop signs.

We didn’t think too much about “brand image” or any “marketing” we were too busy processing the constant flow of donations. As the years went on and the team grew, a website was built and Facebook was joined, and Lama’s Pyjamas have become a much loved part of the Bethnal Green/ Roman Road community. We are, we hope, HERE TO STAY! But as our beautifully handmade sign became “rustic” and then eventually started to fall apart, we realised that we needed to spruce up our image!

The process has been a wonderful TEAM project and has made us evaluate our values as a business. As a second hand charity shop, sustainability is one of our core values and we really wanted to reflect this in our new shop sign. After a lot of “googling” we found a local signmakers, Glyphics, who sell reclaimed and vintage sign letters as well as making new signs. The whole team went down to their shop near Old Street and picked out our “new” old letters to spell out Lama’s Pyjamas.

We loved the look of the letters so much that we realised we could create a whole new logo and brand image from them. This is where Murray, a wonderfully talented graphic designer came on board to help us design our digital images and Logo. From here we took it a step further and decided to re-do our website, which team member, Niki volunteered to do using the nifty “build your own website” site,

Having recently joined Instagram, we are starting to really appreciate the value of a digital/ online presence; there are people all over the world “liking” our images from life in our humble charity shop, and we are proud to share what we do.

Today is the culmination of so much positive energy, teams working together to create the Lama’s Pyjamas new look! We are so proud of our new signs, and hope that with the “re-branding” we can reach a wider audience of people who can join our community, one that is based on generosity and the practice of sustainability.

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