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We’re so happy to welcome Sarah to our team and to have Lama’s provide a new opportunity for spiritual development in a new friend’s life of practice. Here’s Sarah’s story;

Sarah first came across The Triratna Buddhist Movement four years ago when she was in Cambridge. She was prompted to go along to the Buddhist centre after spending some time in India and Nepal where she was first exposed to Buddhism and knew she wanted to learn more.

“Triratna felt like coming home” says Sarah. After practicing Buddhism for one and a half years in the context of this particular Buddhist movement she asked for Ordination and left her job to do a Karuna Fundraising appeal. The Karuna Trust is a charity that is inspired by Buddhist values; they exist to end caste-based discrimination, poverty and inequality in India and Nepal. Their work with individuals focuses on education, gender equality and dignified livelihoods, transforming communities and changing society.

All of Sarah’s life choices since coming into contact with Buddhism have been geared towards deepening her Buddhist practice. By taking part in the six week Karuna appeal she was able to experience community living as well as putting into practice her values. The following year she applied for and was accepted on the five month “Dharma Life” course, a five month residential course held at Adhisthana the flagship retreat centre of the Triratna movement. This intensive Dharma study and training course is primarily aimed at younger people who are either mitras or mitras who are training for ordination. It includes Dharma study and some skills training, and the group of eight young women/men (single sex course) also participate in the life of the Adhisthana community - meditating, working and practicing together.

Since finishing the Dharma Life course, Sarah looked for her next opportunity to deepen her practice while training for ordination. She soon found Lama’s Pyjamas, the charity shop for the London Buddhist Centre; and the great conditions that working full time in a Buddhist Team Based Right Livelihood business can provide.

“I am absolutely delighted to be joining the team at Lama’s Pyjamas. I was inspired to make the move from Cambridge to London especially to join the team, by the positive and creative energy I have experienced in the shop. I welcome the opportunity to work in a team of Buddhists and also engage with the world through interactions with the customers. The shop has a real community feel I look forward to being a part of that!”

We are certainly excited to have Sarah as part of the team and look forward to growing with her on her spiritual path.

For more on Triratna, Karuna and the Womens Dharma Life Course, see below.

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