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A Successful Year for Lama’s Pyjamas!

As the year draws to an end, it seems an appropriate time to look back and reflect on all we have achieved. For us, success is being a harmonious Team Based Right Livelihood business, where we are able to not only support each other in our Buddhist practice, but also raise money for the London Buddhist Centre (LBC). However, this year in particular seems to have yielded much success if we want to compare to traditional markers of achievement. In the spring we hit the astounding goal of making our first £1million! (This figure is gross takings from the time of opening in January 2010 till March 2018.) An incredible feat, given the fact that we have a low unit cost for most of the items we sell! All of our profit goes directly to the LBC, and I asked Pajnamanas, Treasurer of the LBC what this money gets used for.

“All funds raised for the London Buddhist Centre go towards our core objectives of sharing the Buddha's teachings. That might be through mindfulness-for-wellbeing courses, meditation classes, retreats for a whole variety of levels of experience, and helping people live a fully Buddhist life if they choose to – living, working and practising together.”

Prajnamanas Dharmachari – Treasurer for the LBC

At the end of summer it was announced in London’s TimeOut, that alongside 12 others, we were one of the best charity shops in London! A great honour, considering how many there are on high streets all around the capital.

“Long live the charity shop. Once the dusty preserve of pensioners and students, the humble chazzer’s stock is rising as we all become more conscious of the ethical impact of our wardrobes. Sales are up, donations are rolling in and there’s never been a better time to snaffle a bargain.”

And finally, we recently found out that after entering the London Faith & Belief Community Awards, we were selected by The Faith & Belief Forum and Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Greater London’s Council on Faith to receive an award (including £500 to go towards the work we support) for our inspirational work. We were selected for the ‘Promoting Inclusion category’ and were recognised under this category along-side nine other projects. Team member Niki Moores and Suryagupta, Chairwoman of the LBC attended the prestigious ceremony to receive the award on behalf of the team, they were over the moon to also be selected by the panel for the judges commendation.

“Lama’s Pyjamas is the most public face of the London Buddhist Centre in the diverse melting pot of Tower Hamlets. We aspire to build bridges, break down barriers and befriend people of all faiths and none.

We offer a safe, nurturing inclusive place where people can have a friendly chat and get to know each other and the team, while buying low cost, quality, recycled goods they in many cases couldn't otherwise afford.”

Part of our award entry written by Sally Ramsden

To all our supporters, customers and donors we want to say a big thank you, we could not have achieved all this without you! Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year to all.

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